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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lincoln Club

Lincoln Car Club

Do I have to own an 'old' Lincoln to be in your automobile club? Heck, no. Anything with a Lincoln badge (or Lincoln Continental or Continental Mark II badge) made between 1921 and today is fine with us. New or old. In fact, you don't even need to own a Lincoln or Continental to become a member. All that we ask is that you have an appreciation for these fine automobiles.

Lincoln Automobile ClubI own a Lincoln but it's not in perfect shape. If I join your Lincoln Club, can I bring it along on your car tours or will you laugh at it? We promise not to laugh at your car if you'll promise not to laugh at any of our cars. While some of our members have very nice cars, very few Club members have 100-point perfect cars. (The webmaster of this site once owned a 1957 Continental Mark II with air horns that played 'La Cucarracha'!) We enjoy driving our less-than-perfect cars and would enjoy having you drive your less-than-perfect Lincoln along with us.

My Lincoln isn't in running condition yet. If I join your Lincoln Car Club, can I drive a non-Lincoln on your tours and events? Sure - in fact, on a recent tour, we were joined by members driving the following cars - a Ford Bronco II, a 1983 Ford Country Squire wagon (it did have Lincoln seats and wheels), a '53 Mercury, a supercharged Studebaker Avanti and a Jaguar sedan. (There were lots of Lincolns, too.) But ... please be advised that if you show up in a old, rusty Toyota pickup, you'll probably be traveling at the back of the line!

I don't live in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia or Alberta. Can I still belong to your Regional Club? Sure. But, since we're primarily a touring and activities club, why would you want to? We're looking for active members who want to drive their Lincolns and meet new people.

I don't live in the Pacific Northwest and only want to belong to the National Lincoln & Continental Owners Club. How do I do that? Easy. Get info at the LCOC National website - here. Or call them at 1-866-427-7583.

Why is there no e-mail contact information or phone numbers on this site? The objective of this site is to get new, active Club members. You'll find out how to become a member of our Club here. Club members do have access to contact information. If you want to get in touch with like-minded people about your Lincoln interests, become a member of our Club.

Lincoln Continental ClubDo you ever have car shows for your Lincolns and Continentals? Yes. While we are primarily a touring club, periodically, our Region holds a Concours (where Lincoln cars are judged and trophies awarded). In addition, we sometimes participate as a group in other car shows in and around the Northwest. For our current schedule of activities, click here. And, every 3 to 6 years or so, our Region hosts a National Lincoln & Continental Owners Club Meet which always includes a Concours d'Elegance. In 2007, we hosted the Western National Meet in Federal Way, Washington.

Can you give me advice on where/how to get my Lincoln fixed? Or where to get parts? Or how to get my #$@%* dashboard reinstalled? We only give advice to dues-paying Club members who can get advice through the National LCOC organization's Technical Services Group. Commercial advertisers who offer Lincoln parts, repair and restoration can be found in the National LCOC magazine, Continental Comments. The magazine also offers a Tech Tips column which provides valuable advice on keeping your Lincoln alive and well.

Lincoln meetYou'll be able to access these services as soon as you become a Club member. And, because some people don't read well, we'll mention again that we do not respond to e-mails or contacts from non-members. We're busy and have our hands full taking good care of Club members. So, if you want information, join the Club. (Members who are reading this can make contact via the information in the Club newsletter and roster.) We'd like to tell you even more but we don't have time. We're pretty busy trying to reinstall our own #$@%* dashboard!

Can you tell me how much my Lincoln is worth? As stated earlier, we only give advice to dues-paying Club members but we won't even advise members on this touchy topic. (We've found that giving car value estimates only causes false euphoria, disappointment, hurt feelings and arguments.) You can buy books and magazines which list old car values - such as Old Cars Price Guide, do some research in your local public library (most libraries have reference periodicals which list estimated prices for collector autos), check out the for-sale ads in Continental Comments magazine, Hemmings Motor News or have a professional appraiser value your particular car.

The Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club welcomes everyone who enjoys and appreciates Lincolns - classic and new. Founded in 1954, our Lincoln and Continental Club is dedicated to enjoying, driving, maintaining and restoring our favorite marque of automobile. As a car club, we provide our automobile club members with social events, motoring tours, publications and information. The Lincoln Club is an Oregon non-profit corporation, presently operating as the Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club. Membership is open to everyone who owns a Lincoln or Continental, or has an appreciation for these fine automobiles.