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Joe Sherlock

who drew the Lincolns in each AutoSketch and wrote many of the articles appearing on this site.

I have created this page because I was receiving the same questions from people about the same things over and over again. My written and art contributions were made to help to this great, non-profit regional car club.

Because of time constraints from other activities, I'm unable to respond to individual questions from site visitors. Hopefully, you'll find answers to your questions on this page.

Questions seem to be in four categories:

1. About me: I'm a car nut. I hang around with a bunch of fellow car nuts and gearheads. Except for the categorical Objects of our Obsession, we are no different that sports nuts, quilting enthusiasts, collectors of beer cans and train hobbyists.

I am not a famous car guy. I have never worked in the automobile industry, although I've had some contact with Detroit car companies through employers. I am not a professional racer. I simply like cars. Always have. And I see everything through the special looking glass of an auto enthusiast. I shouldn't use the term 'looking glass.' Let me amend that to 'windshield.'

My earliest memory is of me staring at the chrome hubcap on the sidemount of a Packard (with the characteristic red hexagon in the center) while being held by my mother. I was two years-old. She was keeping me entertained by showing me my reflection in the chrome while at a graveside service for one of her uncles. (The Packard was probably a limousine or hearse.) Perhaps this explains my lifelong fascination with cars.

Lincoln automobile Club Northwest

I started drawing cars when I was four. I first drove a car when I was thirteen. I've owned cool cars. And awful ones. And ordinary, everyday ones, too. Over the years, I've owned several collector cars, including a couple of Continental Mark IIs. I'm now down to one old vehicle.

2. About my drawings: They're from pen and ink originals. Every car drawing and sketch on these Lincoln Club pages is copyrighted. These drawings are not for use as clip art. Enjoy the site and each car rendering but please respect my rights as an artist. Thanks.

Lincoln automobile club Pacific Northwest

I sometimes have been asked "learn-to-draw" questions. I've been drawing cars since I was 4 years-old. I never took an art class, but I have studied books about drawing. And practiced. The best one currently in print is 'How To Draw Cars Like A Pro' by Thom Taylor with Lisa Hallett, published by Motorbooks International. The best book of all time is 'You Can Draw Cars' by Bill Jenks. It was published in 1960 by Sports Car Press. I still have the copy I bought as a teenager. (You can probably find a copy on eBay or through a used book shop.)

I used to do give permission for my drawings to be used by non-profits. Then I had several businesses lift my work (from the non-profits' publications) and to use them for commercial purposes. I had to use legal means to protect my copyrights and, while I recovered my costs, the time and effort spent protecting my interests was too much. Therefore, I enacted a strict policy of granting limited usage of my works (words and images) only to paid licensees.

I'm not currently offering licenses on images and am not interested in providing copies of my drawings to anyone.

More of my car drawings can be found here.

In 1997, I produced a small (7" x 10") colored pencil drawing and donated it to The Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club.

It was auctioned off at the 1997 Western National Meet. The winning bid was $450.

3. About My Writing: I hope you enjoyed my postings on this site. I was Club Editor for the Continental Connector from August 1992 to December 2003. During that time, I wrote numerous articles about cars which were published in the Connector. A selection of these appears on this site. I continued to provide AutoSketches to the Connector newsletter even after my retirement as editor. I also wrote the Remember When sections which accompanied each AutoSketch. Old Cars Weekly gave three Golden Quill Awards to the Connector during my tenure as Editor.

The Connector remains in good hands; it continues to win Golden Quill Awards to this day.

In the case of all of my writing, the opinions expressed are my own. They are not necessarily the Lincoln Club's opinion. Nor Ford Motor Company's. Any factual and historical errors in my articles are my doing, not the Club's. (Nor Ford's - they have enough historical errors of their own.)

My opinions about cars (and other things which interest me) can be found on 'The View Through The Windshield' blog here. It is updated frequently.

4. About Lincolns and the Lincoln Club:

a. Repeating what I wrote at the top of the page (some folks just don't seem to read well), time constraints from other activities prevent me from responding to individual questions from site visitors.

b. I don't deal in parts for old cars or old cars. If you're looking for Lincoln parts or cars, buy Hemmings Motor News. Or join The Lincoln Club: each issue of the Connector contains classified ads for cars and parts.

c. Please don't ask how much your old Lincoln is worth. You can buy a copy of Old Cars Price Guide to get an estimate. Or have your vehicle professionally appraised.

d. The primary objective of this website is to attract new, dues-paying, active members to our Club. This site contains a great deal of information about Lincolns and gets lots of visitors ... and it's getting us new members.

I hope you've enjoyed the site and will be impressed enough to join our Club. If that's not possible, you can support the Club by purchasing some Lincoln-related merchandise here.

e. For other Lincoln questions, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. For additional Lincoln resources, visit this site's Links page.

If you want to network with other Lincoln owners, please join our Club and connect through our normal communications channels.

About the 'Remember When' photo:

The 1939 Plymouth coupe seen in this old photo belongs to Joe Sherlock. It was placed in the photo using Photoshop, replacing a '36 Dodge coupe in original photo, which was taken in Philadelphia, PA in 1940 or '41.

copyright 1996-2013 - Joseph M. Sherlock - All rights reserved


The Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club welcomes everyone who enjoys and appreciates Lincolns - classic and new. Founded in 1954, the Lincoln and Continental Club is dedicated to enjoying, driving, maintaining and restoring our favorite marque of automobile. As a car club, we provide our automobile club members with social events, motoring tours, publications and information. The Lincoln Club is an Oregon non-profit corporation, presently operating as the Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club. Membership is open to everyone who owns a Lincoln or Continental, or has an appreciation for these fine automobiles.