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Photos from our Lincoln Club scrapbook
tours, travels and events
In April, members traveled to Sun Mountain Lodge in Eastern Washington, stopping along the way to admire Lake Chelan. In the photo are Murray's '88 Town Car, Johnson's '79 Versailles and Nilsson's '89 Mark VII. Randy Murray and Henry Nilsson compare notes.
Another photo from the April Meet, taken at Sun Mountain Lodge. In the foreground is Bill Woods Jr.'s '54 coupe, Bill Sr. & Pris' 1954 sedan, Johnson's Versailles and Maggie & Randy Murray's Town Car. The Cascade Mountains are visible in the background.
In May, our Concours was held in Woodinville, WA. D'Ambrosia's 1967 Lehmann-Peterson limousine is displayed next to Bill Wood's 1954 Lincoln Capri sedan.
The Concours was held on the grounds of the Red Hook Brewery. Harper's 1973 Lincoln Mark IV joins the line up of cars. 27 fine Lincolns were on display at this Meet.
Lincolns of all years were at the May meet, including Watjen's 1948 Lincoln Continental cabriolet, Burgess Merideth's '51 Lincoln sedan and Murray's '56 Lincoln Premiere coupe.At the Concours awards banquet, held at Collectors Choice Restaurant in Snohomish, WA, Ed and Chris Gray give Al Schiermeister the long-distance award. Al won by four city blocks!

More photos can be found here.

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The Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club welcomes everyone who enjoys and appreciates Lincolns - classic and new. Founded in 1954, our Lincoln and Continental Club is dedicated to enjoying, driving, maintaining and restoring our favorite marque of automobile. As a car club, we provide our automobile club members with social events, motoring tours, publications and information. The Lincoln Club is an Oregon non-profit corporation, presently operating as the Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club. Membership is open to everyone who owns a Lincoln or Continental, or has an appreciation for these fine automobiles.