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a pen and ink drawing

by Joe Sherlock

Lincoln car club
1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V
A Big Winner

For 1977, Lincoln completely reskinned the Mark series, renaming it the Mark V. The external dimensions were almost identical to its Mark IV predecessor but due to the angular styling the car appeared to be longer and lower. The Mark V offered more trunk space and weighed 500 pounds less than the IV, tipping the scales at 4,650 pounds. The V rode on a 120 inch wheelbase and was 230 inches long overall. An AM/FM radio was now standard, as was a Cartier day/date clock. For the first time, a CB radio was offered as an option.

The Mark V's standard engine was a 400 cubic inch V-8 with a two-barrel carb, making 166 horsepower. A larger engine, displacing 460 cubic inches, was optional. It had a four-barrel carb and produced 210 horsepower. Both engines had the same compression ratio (8 to 1) and could be run on regular unleaded fuel.

The base price of the Mark V was $11,396 but several trim options were offered including four Designer Series cars - Gevinchy, Bill Blass, Cartier and Pucci. 1977 was the best year for unit sales in Lincoln's history-to-date. Overall Lincoln sales were 191,355 cars; 80,321 were Mark Vs.

For the first time, the Mark outsold Cadillac's Eldorado. Some folks were put-off by the newly-restyled and downsized Eldo. Overall Cadillac sales were almost double those of Lincoln at 358,487, but Lincoln was catching up and would eventually outsell Cadillac after Caddy's next round of downsizing in the mid-1980s.

Lincoln Continental car club
Remember When

by Joe Sherlock

In 1977, Elvis dies at age 42. Other deaths include Bing Crosby, Joan Crawford, Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx. Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Silver Jubilee. The first Space Shuttle flies; the notorious Son of Sam killer is arrested in New York. The Apple II computer is introduced; other new products include generic 'no-brand' food products, computer games and windsurfing equipment. Red Dye No. 2 is banned in the U.S. General Motors downsizes its full-size cars; Peugeot and Citroen merge into a single automotive entity. Over two million imported cars are sold in the U.S.

New movies include 'Star Wars', 'Semi-Tough,' 'Annie Hall,' 'Airport 1977,' and 'Oh, God!' Songs include 'Hotel California,' 'Margaritaville' 'Dancing Queen,' 'How Deep Is Your Love' and 'Hard Rock Cafe.' Disco is in full swing with a whole potful of disco songs including 'Disco Star Wars.' New books include Roots and Thorn Birds.

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