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The Next Town Car (written March 2001)

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Let's face it. The current Lincoln Town Car is a joke. Hastily designed (apparently by the folks who brought us the fish-faced '96 Taurus), it's a bulbous travesty of a Lincoln - a cartoon car. The next Town Car needs to fix what's wrong. Design-wise and performance-wise. Here are my ideas:

1. Reduce the length to 204 inches and stretch the wheel base to 125 inches. Give people some legroom in the back. You should be able to stretch out in the flagship model of a luxury Lincoln.

2. Make the next design clean and simple. Be inspired by the formal-roofed, suicide-door Lincolns of the Sixties. Show Lincoln's heritage. Get a big, handsome chrome grille on that front end. And chrome plate those suicide-door handles.

3. Widen the track to make the car look more muscular and improve handling. Jaguar makes big sedans that ride softly and handle well - the Vanden Plas model is a good example of a big car that offers superior responsiveness. Lincoln could do this, too. And should.

4. Have Ford Special Vehicles produce a 4-door convertible model with a steel retractable hardtop. And, FoMoCo, if you have to sell it for $90,000, do so. Be bold. Create excitement. The Town Car is Lincoln's flagship model. Support the marque.

I'm not a professional car designer and my design shown here could easily be improved by someone with more talent and experience - but it's a lot better looking than the current Town Car design.

P.S. - Don't hold your breath - not much happens till 2010!!!

According to Brenda Priddy (reported July, 2001): "It appears the Town Car will undergo a series of facelifts and updates before the all-new Town Car makes its debut around 2010."

Written March 2001; published in the 6/01 Connector. (updated 7-2-01)
Copyright 1996, 2001, 2007 Joseph M. Sherlock. All Rights Reserved

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